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The Molares® is placed in the auger of the co-products for the digester. The Molares® is a kind of hammer mill and ensures that all co-products can be reduced significantly. This allows long-fiber products such as large wild grasses, reeds and two-year old summer grass clippings from nature areas to be used as well. These materials are hard to degrade but are fermentable. An additional advantage is that by pulverizing these coarse co-products, no floating layers, or very few at the most, are formed in the digester. The energy from the co-products is also released more quickly. Research has yet to determine whether more energy becomes available. Because products can be used with the Molares® that could not be used previously, this will make the production of green gas cheaper in the long term.

For more information contact Durk Durksz, tel.: durk.durksz@wur.nl.