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Who are we

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In the research field of ACRRES I focus on the following topics: the development of viable business cases, the interactive design of the process of innovation, and exploring social issues connected with biobased economy. In addition to my role as team leader of ACRRES I have two other PPO research groups under my care: Economie & Management (Economics & Management) and Stad-Land Relaties (Urban-Rural Relations).

Herman Schoorlemmer

Since the beginning of ACRRES, I have committed myself in a variety of ways to ensure the success of ACRRES: as project manager and as project developer. I have witnessed ACRRES grow from a pioneer organization to a motivated team working in collaboration with various companies on innovations in the biobased economy and circular economy. I am mainly engaged in small-scale biorefinery and the opportunities that this brings to link agriculture in a profitable manner to the chemistry sector, the materials sector and the energy sector. The beauty is our large contribution to the cause of sustainability.

Chris de Visser

As senior project manager at ACRRES, I initiate new projects and oversea the further development thereof, together with others, in the broad field of innovation in the renewable energy, the production of green materials and the closing of cycles. I am particularly concerned with:

  • Co-innovation with companies,
  • Valorisation of waste flows through alternative crops of algae, aquatic plants and insects.

Additionally I am a specialist advisor in the landbouwcommissie (Agriculture Committee) of the COGEM (advisory body on genetic modification) and I use my agronomic expertise in the field of plant protection, including weed control and sustainable cultivation of maize and soil.

Rommy van de Weide

After my training in plant biotechnology I focused on various process technological issues involved in the production of microorganisms and the separation of these organisms and their products. At ACRRES I am involved with:

  • Raw materials for bioplastics
  • Valorisation of waste streams by means of aquatic cultivation
  • Small scale fermentation and bio-refinery

Sander Huurman

I have been working as a researcher at ACRRES for two years. Right now I am mainly engaged in the cultivation of microalgae. This concerns both the optimisation of algae production at our test site in Lelystad and the possibilities to purify waste water with algae. Other topics that I work on include sustainability studies and closing cycles. I am involved in the project of mapping the phosphorus balance of the Netherlands. I have an agronomic background and during my ACRRES time I have built up considerable expertise in the field of soil and fertilisation of arable and horticultural crops.

Wim van Dijk

I am experienced with both the biotechnology and the process technology. I have worked in the field of biomass digestion, fermentation, Down Stream Processing, enzymatic and thermochemical conversion of biomass, phosphate recycling, and much more. My expertise lies in the connection of these issues through sustainable biorefinery and sustainable processing.

Examples of projects I work on or have worked on as a project leader or researcher:

  • Extraction of steviol glycosides from Stevia
    • Hydrolysis of lignocellulose
    • Protein extraction from green leaf
    • CNG from biogas using membrane filtration
    • Production of PHA bioplastic from waste streams
    • Direct processing of sugar beet into modules for chemistry

Maarten Kootstra

Since 2010, I have been operating from Wageningen Livestock Research at ACRRES as biogas coordinator. Amongst my jobs are: keeping the digester of ACRRES running, ensuring the feed/ration of the digester (a minimum of 50% cattle manure with added co-products). Additionally, daily monitoring and management, including conducting research with the digester (testing co-products).

Durk Durksz

I work at ACCRES in the field of market (business) economics and sustainability (LCA, LCC, SLCA). In the co-innovation projects at ACRRES I can ensure that all aspects of sustainability are assessed, in terms of environment, economy and society. In addition to my work at ACRRES I am active as a volunteer at both the Pioniers van de Toekomst (Pioneers of the Future), and the Energie Pioniers Noordoostpolder (Energy Pioneers of Noordoostpolder). Pioniers van de Toekomst is a volunteer based initiative to encourage acting sustainably. Energie Pioniers is an energy cooperative for the Noordoostpolder and surrounding areas.

Marcel van der Voort

My role is to further develop and manage the technology of bioethanol and algae greenhouse installations. With the deployment of my extensive installation and process knowledge, I look at how to develop, adapt and implement the pilot plants and facilities for the efficient use of renewable resources.

I am the contact person for the technical management of the installations:

  • Bioethanol production facility
  • Combined Heat and Power
  • CO2 dosing systems
  • Algae greenhouse installations
  • 6 research ponds and thermal storage system

Sjaak van Brugge

With 18 years of experience, I am a very knowledgeable project manager in a wide range of subjects, a real all-rounder. At the core of this is the development of projects on renewable energy technologies. In recent years, my focus has been wind energy and smart grid applications. I am currently involved in the complex scale increase of wind turbines in Flevoland and the development of projects in the field of intelligent electricity networks of the future, so-called smart grids. I am also manager of the three wind farms and the test site of Wageningen UR. I am an innovator. The combination of being results-oriented and being creative ensures that I always try to discover new opportunities.

Andrea Terbijhe

I have worked at Wageningen UR (Applied Plant Research division) since 1991, and in recent years as a management assistant to the ACRRES team. Amongst other things, you can contact me for information on guided tours/excursions to our pilot site at Runderweg, for the ACRRES-newsletter, website, events and ACRRES research reports.

Margherita Leoni

My background is in agricultural business and I have several years of experience in private companies. From 1999 I have worked with Wageningen UR (Applied Plant Research division) on a wide variety of exciting research projects especially in the fields of economics, sustainability and crop protection. My aim is to point out practically, clearly and independently, the opportunities and feasibility of new projects and to give expert advice. Since 2011, I have been involved with ACRRES in this role; working on projects such as the Zonneweide (Solar farm), the economic aspects of algae cultivation and the valorisation of algae to fuels and animal feed.

Joanneke Spruijt

After studying Biology at Groningen University, I finished my PhD thesis at the Subdepartment of Environmental Technology at Wageningen UR on waste sludge reduction by freshwater worms. I worked for nine years at water technology institute Wetsus in Leeuwarden to bring this topic closer to practical applications and with more focus on the biobased economy and different waste sources. Invertebrates like worms and insects not only break down organic waste but also consist of valuable biomass with high protein and useful lipid levels. They are excellent feedstock for example for farmed fish, to reduce the use of less sustainable feed ingredients. By setting up Tailtec I took a closer look at the market applications of this technology. At ACRRES, back with Wageningen UR, I work as a researcher/process technologist on different projects related to the valorisation of low value biomass for higher value applications. These include projects on algae, aquatic plants, biopolymers and the production of invertebrates on waste streams.

Hellen Elissen