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Smart Energy

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The electricity network of the future will largely exist of renewable energy. Energy from the sun and wind is unpredictable by definition and brings new technical and economic challenges to society. On the other hand, the Internet and ICT enable innovations that could provide solutions. Smarter use of energy in combination with ICT is also known as Smart Grid. And this is what ACRRES is working on.

What do we do?

Together with businesses, concepts are further developed, researched and tested, so as to lower the price of and improve the sale of renewable energy to the Dutch electricity grid. Here the production technology and the economy meet in their efforts to produce more wind and solar energy. Think about: storage in power to X as batteries, gas, hydrogen etc., stabilising electricity networks, peak shaving, cable pooling etc.


ACRRES is working with partners on the use of renewable energy in electric cars and examining whether it is possible to combine large-scale wind and solar power with a battery. In addition, a feasibility study is investigating connecting food production companies to wind power directly. Also, possibilities are being examined to store (wind) energy in refrigeration / freezers and cooking processes.


The existing facilities (wind turbines, solar PV, major users, private network of 150 KW, large amount of space, good permits, numerous testing possibilities, demonstration opportunities and knowledge of economic models) in combination with our experience as practical researchers, makes ACRRES a unique starting point for the further development of Smart Energy.


Curious about the possibilities? Contact Andrea Terbijhe, tel.: 0320-291532.