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Green Gas Supply Chain

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Green gas is a clean and renewable fuel. Within the green gas supply chain, biomas (such as manure, organic waste, energy crops, roadside clippings or sewage sludge) and the biogas is purified (upgraded) to high quality methane gas. This methane can be compressed to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or liquefied bio-Liquefied Natural Gas (bio-LNG).

What do we do?

In close consultation and cooperation with companies, ACRRES is working on improving the biomass supply chain. Improvements to make the biomass supply chain more profitable and more attractive are made so that this source of sustainable energy can ultimately make a greater contribution to the national ambition for renewable energy. We do this based on technological innovations of the companies involved.


There is a demonstration plant on the ACRRES ground that upgrades biogas to high-quality green gas: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) with 96% pure methane. This installation was developed by Dirkse Milieu Technologie (Dirkse Environmental Technology, DMT). We are working together with this company to develop applications of this product. One of those relates to the making of bio-Liquefied Natural Gas (bio-LNG) based on of the purified gas. The company Osomo has developed the technology to make this possible and tests it on our site.


The combination of the specialist knowledge of our driven and practical researchers, with the test site in Lelystad (1,200 hectares) makes ACRRES particularly suitable as a partner in innovation in the green gas chain.


Are you interested in advancing the development of your technology with us? And do you want to test your technology under field conditions? Discuss the possibilities with Chris de Visser, tel.: 0320-291692.