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Energetic Algae

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In this project, ACRRES takes part in a network of algae pilots in Northwest Europe. Regarding the subject of microalgae, work was focused on designing a benchmark for installations; one of these algae installations can be found on the ACRRES site. A report was published in 2014 ​​with models developed in this project, for algae cultivation (open pond, tubular reactors and flatbed) and usage opportunities for bioethanol, biogas and biodiesel. ACRRES also produced a macroalgae (seaweeds) model, with an accompanying report. The cultivation of algae has been investigated using various models. These models are also a discussion tool in order to improve the culture through analysis. Besides calculation, we also carried out an environmental/market analysis for algae products in Northwest Europe.

Read more: www.enalgae.eu

For more information, please contact Chris de Visser, tel.: 0320-291692.