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Bio Refinery

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The term biorefinery is understood to mean ‘the separation of a stream of biomass in different parts’. These parts can then be further processed into products for food, feed, heat and power, and products for the chemical industry. Biorefinery is therefore an important part of the Biobased Economy. In this the sustainable processing of biomass also plays a major role.

What do we do?

In close cooperation with companies, we at ACRRES investigate innovations in the biorefining of biomass, such as algae and sugar beet. We also look closely at residue streams, such as roadside clippings, manure, digestate and aqueous streams.

At ACRRES we test ideas and concepts from our partners, with our partners. We perform process development and we scale up from the laboratory to pilot scale so that a new process can be demonstrated, which in turn facilitates the market launch. We also make modelling calculations of the technological innovations of companies we are in partnership with. These are based on measurements from the field.


ACRRES has a pilot plant in which we ferment sugar beet, in partnership with Dutch Sustainable Development BV (DSD). This pulp is treated with the Beta Process to improve the fermentation. We are also working on innovations in the refining of Stevia plants in order to produce natural sweeteners and fibers. We are working together on this with the company NewFoss. We are also looking at, for example, the production of fatty acids from biomass, which can then be used to produce bioplastics.


Our practical research capabilities, combined with our ambitious attitude, hands-on mentality and the availability of our own laboratory and testing facilities (including 5L fermenters), ensure that we can accelerate the development of biorefining technologies together.


Are you interested in working with us to advance the development of your technology? And do you want to test your technology under field conditions? Discuss the options with Maarten Kootstra, tel.: 0320-291302.