Advisory Board

Andries Greiner (Chairman)

Andries Greiner, former Provincial-Executive of the Province of Flevoland, founded ACRRES. He is currently Chairman of VU Connected, Flevoland department, Chairman of de Sociaal-Economische Raad Flevoland (the Economic and Social Council of Flevoland) and Chairman of het Technocentrum Flevoland (the Techno Centre Flevoland). The Bedrijfskring Lelystad is under his chairmanship, as is Genootschap Flevo (Flevo Society). The additional positions are listed below:

– Chairman of de Raad van Advies van de Nederlandsche Maatschappij voor Nijverheid en Handel (the Advisory Board of the Dutch Society for Industry and Trade)

– President BOEM, VNO-NCW Midden

– Editor-in-chief at AO-publishers


Prof Dr. Ir. Rudy Rabbinge

Rudy Rabbinge completed a doctorate in agricultural and environmental sciences, after studying agronomy. In 1985 he was appointed professor of plant ecology. He followed de Wit as Professor of Production Ecology in 1988. He was later appointed as a university professor. He retired in November 2011. From 1999 to 2007 he was a member of the Eerste Kamer (House of Lords) on behalf of de Partij van de Arbeid (the Labour Party). In the Eerste Kamer, Rabbinge was engaged in Landbouw, Financiƫn en Ontwikkelingssamenwerking (Agriculture, Finance and Development and Cooperation). He was chairman of the vaste commissie voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking (Permanent Committee for Development and Cooperation) and secretary of the PvdA group. Rabbinge is also a member of Taskforce Biodiversiteit en Natuurlijke Hulpbronnen (Taskforce Biodiversity and Natural Resources). This task force is to make suggestions to the government for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the longer term.


Dr. Monica Milz

Until 2010, Monica Milz was Director of Communications at Rabobank Group, before that she was director MKB Rabobank Netherlands. In addition, she is Commissaris ConQuaestor (Commissioner of ConQuaestor) and Commissioner (Vice-President) of Amsterdam Institute of Finance. She is also (Member of the Supervisory HvA and UvA), Schretlen & Co (Commissioner of Schretlen & Co.), Nederlandse Maatschappij voor Nijverheid en Handel (Member of the Advisory Board Dutch Society for Industry and Commerce) and Bestuurslid Duits-Nederlandse Handelskamer Member of the Board German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce).


Aike Maarsingh

Aike Maarsingh has an arable farm in Stadskanaal and is active in the council of Stadskanaal. In the past he was the LTO frontman for arable farming. Currently he is a member of the Raad van Beheer Coop. Royal Cosun (Board of Directors Cooperation Royal Cosun), President of Biogas Branche Organisatie (Biogas Industry Organization) and President of Stichting proefbedrijven Noord. (Foundation of test farms North). Arable farming at S.P.N.A. Agroresearch.


Ir. Huub Keulen

Huub Keulen is director of Rabo Groenbank (Rabo Green Bank Ltd.). Rabo Groenbank BV is involved in green investments, in for example wind farms, solar energy projects, green building, organic farming, etc. Huub has a long track record within the Rabobank after training as an agricultural economist at Wageningen UR.


Dr. ir. Rien Komen

Rien Komen’s is director of Windesheim Flevoland. Windesheim is very practically oriented, like ACRRES. Rien Komen graduated with honors as an agricultural economist at Wageningen UR


Drs. Marieke (M.C.I.) van de Werf

Marieke van de Werf is a member of the Tweede Kamer (House of Commons) group CDA and was previously politically active at the local level in Amsterdam. Before her position as a Member of Parliment, she worked as Programmamanager Natuur- en Milieueducatie bij het Agentschap NL (a Program Manager of Environmental education in the NL Agency). She was also the owner of a communications consultancy firm specialising in sustainability.